Limited edition, seven hive honey

Limited edition, seven hive honey


Our limited edition numbered batch, 178 jars of summer honey from seven hives at Coedcanlas, is as raw and natural as the nectar the bees gathered.

These seven hives are never fed on sugar, as each hive is left with enough honey stores for the winter and early spring, meaning the honey we take is a natural surplus. This is bee keeping as it used to be, allowing the bees to thrive on the bounty of their hard summer's work.

Collected from the hives in the Autumn, this seven hive honey captures all the exquisite flavours of summer flowers: from the nectar of Bluebells, Dandelions, May, Buttercups, Blackberries, and Wild Clovers, among many others.

Good for the bees, and a little less honey for us!