About us

Our Honey

Our honey is gathered from a multitude of Pembrokeshire's wild flowers, Bluebells, Dandelions, May, Blackberries and wild Clovers..... It is full of delicate and aromatic flavours that we go to great lengths to preserve. Filtered using only gravity and time, our goal is for you to taste the honey exactly as the bees left it in the comb. Delicious, unadulterated and pure.

Our Marmalade

During the winter months, as the bees await the warmth of spring, January is marked by the arrival of Amadora's Organic Seville Oranges. For a short time it is marmalade season. The oranges are slowly baked, sliced by hand and gently cooked in large copper pans. We add only Organic Sugar from Cuba and Organic Sicilian Lemons.

Our Sicilian Collection

During our search for the finest marmalade ingredients, Pasquelino the Sicilian lemon grower introduced us to Aldo. Our first shipment of lemons arrived with a few bottles of Nocellara del Belice olive oil from Aldo's trees. It was a single source oil of exceptional quality and flavour.
Our second shipment from Sicily, tins of olive oil, were accompanied with a kilo of Castelluzzo almonds. Aldo had taken them to the baker where they were toasted (after the bread) and sprinkled with Trapani sea salt, from just down the road. So, along with the Sicilian Lemon Marmalade we now have a very small Sicilian collection.

Nick & Annette

Nick's hopes of voyaging deep into Siberia (up the Lena river) were dashed by siren calls from the banks of the Daugleddau estuary- where he is now stranded. He lives with Annette (the siren) and their two daughters, Josie and Mauke!